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Who We Help

Leaders, teams, and professionals at all levels.

Understanding what needs to be done to achieve the outcomes you want is a challenge common to many professionals.

At SAMES PD we work with you to identify and understand the outcomes (results) you are looking for.  Your desired outcomes and those of each of the people you lead, and your team or business as a whole.  Clarity of purpose and desired outcomes is essential.

With that clarity, we then work with you to identify the actions and behaviours required to achieve the results and outcomes you want.

Then we develop and deliver the appropriate solutions to hep you achieve those outcomes.


Business Leaders

Rarely is there a situation that can't be improved by more effective leadership.

At SAMES PD we have worked with leaders at all levels, in many varied industries, professions and business sectors to develop and improve their leadership capability.

Effective leadership actions and behaviours will make the difference!

Sales Leaders

As a sales leader you may not have had the opportunity to learn leadership skills.

It's not unusual for sales leaders to progress from sales (or other) roles into management or leadership positions.  And while they generally come equipped with at least some sales skills, they are rarely taught how to lead.

We work with sales managers and leaders to build their leadership capability so they get the very best from their team, and each individual team member, to drive results.

Friends at a workspace
Business Leaders
Sales Leaders

Teams - Sales and...

Leading a team effectively is one thing, but do they know their stuff?

 Many leaders, even the most experienced, assume too much.

We work with leaders and their teams to help them identify exactly what each team member needs to be doing - behaviours and actions - to do their job.  Then we help them develop the appropriate skills, routines and habits to perform consistently and deliver results.

Teams-Sales and


Every professional needs to be continually developing and refining their skills, and reviewing their methods, behaviours and actions.

We work with professionals at every level, and in any role, to help them do just that.

Whether it be leadership skills, interpersonal, communication, professional presence, or skills around any professional activity, we can help.

In addition to leadership, sales, and business development professionals we have worked with accountants, doctors, dentists, foremen, factory supervisers, tradesmen, technicians,  master craftsmen, apprentices, receptionists, treatment coordinators, personal and executive assistants, and more.


We work on the behaviours and actions that drive results

Understanding what needs to be done to achieve the desired results is our focus.

We work with our clients to identify the skills, behaviours and actions required to achieve the outcomes they are working towards.

Then we build and deliver a custom solution.

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